MFP Printers

With the ability to print, copy, scan and fax, today’s multifunction black and white printers and multifunction color printers are true marvels of technology. With additional features that allow you to track usage by individual user or department, you can reduce, monitor and control your printing costs.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) come in all sizes for a wide range of workloads, from small desktop devices to large enterprise-level production units made for corporate printing centers.

Sayle Business Solutions will help you identify the perfect printing devices for your current and future document production needs. We’ll help you determine which solution makes sense for your organization, and find ways to reduce the number of devices in your printer fleet.

Multifunction systems from Sayle Business Solutions can be enrolled in our Managed Print Services (MPS) program in order to give you one, low predictable cost per page with all consumables and service included.

Multifunction printers also contribute to your sustainability objectives. With one machine doing the work of many, energy-efficient technology and two-sided duplexing capabilities, you can produce great-looking documents while reducing your carbon footprint and paper usage.

We can help you monitor inventory levels of cartridges and other consumables, making sure you never run out or have too many in inventory.